The Apeks Non Directional REM Line Marker is a more versatile non-directional line marker than cookies to be used in conjuncture with permanent markers or by themselves without disturbing other signals on a guideline.

Five Pack to quickly and easily stock up your navigation kit and make sure all of your markers are uniform.

Referencing Exit Marker (REM) or smart cookie is unlike other conventional non-directional line markers as it can be paired up with other markers, personalised and used as a miniature slate to convey messages. Because it is non-directional it cannot confuse other divers using the same line as to which direction the exit is so it won't contradict permanent line arrows.

Customisable design allows you to identify your REM from others as it comes in two different colours with plenty of space to make identifying features on one side.

Miniature Slate on the other side so you can leave messages to yourself or others on the underside.

Notched Edges lock your line to hold the arrow in place and prevent the line from slipping to ease tying. Large notches make it easy to guide the line even with thicker gloves.

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APEKS REM White/Orange/Yellow Pack (5pcs)

  • Gyártó: Apeks
  • Cikkszám: APEKSREMP5
  • Készlet információ: Készleten
  • 7,50 €

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