The Apeks Directional Arrow Line Marker is an essential piece of kit for any cave or wreck penetration or whenever you are laying a guideline. Inspired by cave divers the Apeks Line Arrow comes in either a super bright orange or white colour with adhesive reflective dots to improve low light visability and identification.

Five Pack to quickly and easily stock up your navigation kit and make sure all of your markers are uniform.

Notched Edges lock your line to hold the arrow in place and prevent the line from slipping to ease tying. Large notches make it easy to guide the line even with thicker gloves.

Reflective Dots are included but purposfully not attached so you can affix them where you like to customise and easily recognise your markers from others.

Universally Recognised to always point towards an exit or placed back to back, pointing away from on-another, to mark the mid-point of a line with two exits.

Optional reflective sticker included for each marker

Sold in Packs of 5

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APEKS Line Arrows White/Orange/Yellow Pack (5pcs)

  • Gyártó: Apeks
  • Cikkszám: APEKSLAP5
  • Készlet információ: Készleten
  • 7,50 €

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